My work is based on contemporary re-interpretations of historical clay objects.  The objects that interest me the most are the ones that I can propose questions as to why someone would make them, and how it’s function could fit into modern day society .  I make my forms by press-molds, slabs and the throwing technique using a majolica clay . The decoration technique I am inspired by originated during the 14th century in Spain called Cuerda Seca, which means dry lines.  Everything I see and feel inspires me.  I can spend most of my waking hours looking at the most common place items to the most unusual and revel in the patterns and textures that exist in them.  I am inspired by the aesthetics of my skateboarding culture, Japanese Oribe ware, tattooing, military imagery, the Victorian period, vintage and current fashion,  pre Columbian Mexican designs, and a coat I saw a girl wearing on the subway.  You name it- Im inspired by it!  I explore the pairing of form and surface in unexpected fashion.  I am intrigued by highly decorated surfaces and I am interested in how the over load of information on the surface interacts with the viewer.  Colour, texture and line are used in the glaze placement to direct your attention to different areas of the form while creating visual depth and intensity with continuity throughout the vessel.


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